No one is immune to the risks of using drugs and alcohol. Although alcohol is legal for adults, many people of different ages experience problems from overusing and abusing alcohol. Substance abuse includes alcohol and drugs of both the illegal and prescription variety. Learning about the dangers of substance abuse early can help you avoid dangerous mistakes that could impact your health for the rest of your life.

When talking about drugs, it’s common for people to immediately think about illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. Although these drugs are dangerous and should be avoided, there are also other types of drugs to consider. Prescription medications are common for people who have health issues or problems with recurring pain. Although these medications are helpful when a doctor prescribes them and the patient uses them correctly, they can be dangerous if they are abused. Some people use these drugs when a doctor has not prescribed them, or they use the drugs for a longer period of time or in greater amounts than they’re supposed to. If this happens, dangerous addiction can occur.

Alcohol is a common part of society, and many adults engage in social drinking. Although drinking alcohol is a legal activity for people older than 21, there are several issues that make alcohol potentially dangerous. First, many people under 21 drink alcohol, even though this is illegal. Underage alcohol consumption is dangerous for young people because alcohol can be more harmful to kids’ health. Drinking alcohol can also lead to accidents and other dangerous situations. Adults also need to be careful about how often and how much alcohol they consume because alcohol addiction is common and harmful.