Kenneth Schachter, MD, MBA

Public Health Is a Fascinating and Diverse Field

Dr. Kenneth Schachter joined the University of Arizona’s Zuckerman College of Public Health faculty in 2002, bringing his clinical practice, public health, leadership, management, policy, and quality improvement experience with him into the classroom and the online master of public health program.

“Public health is a fascinating and diverse field with a growing body of scientific evidence. In addition to understanding the science, public health professionals will need strong advocacy and leadership skills if we are to continue making progress in building a healthier world,” Dr. Schachter said.

Create Lasting Change

Through his extensive experience, Dr. Schachter has learned that improving the quality of health in our communities takes more than a degree and a dream. Public health professionals need to develop a deep understanding of the communities they serve, including key stakeholders, resources, assets, needs, obstacles to change, etc. They must be able to work in partnership with their communities, community coalitions, and public-private partnerships.

“I’ve learned that any lasting change must come from within the communities we serve and that our role as public health professionals is to partner with and assist those communities in implementing change to improve health,” Dr. Schachter said.