Yann Klimentidis, Ph.D.

Online MPH Assistant Professor Yann Klimentidis Mines Information for Public Health Solutions

The more you know about a public health issue, the sooner you can solve it. In the age of information, Master of Public Health online assistant professor Dr. Yann Klimentidis sees data analysis as an underutilized element of undermining disease.

Dedicated to research and reading scientific literature, he got his start in public health after earning his Ph.D. His initial postdoctoral position at a university found him immersed in research and publishing, which added to his expertise and contributed to his success as an educator for the past seven years.

“My specialty is the use of genetics to understand obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Klimentidis said. “I teach courses related to genetic epidemiology and analysis of public health data.”

Improving Public Health Is a Group Effort

Dr. Klimentidis is part of an esteemed faculty of public health leaders who’ve quickly pushed the online master’s in public health program to become a top-ranked degree.

Through core courses in Biostatistics in Public Health and Sociocultural & Behavioral Aspects of Public Health and concentrations that cover subjects like Analysis of Public Health Data, the faculty work together to help students measure and respond to public health concerns.

To them, it’s about more than health promotion. It’s about improving the quality of life and helping communities thrive. “The faculty really seem to care deeply about outreach to the community,” Dr. Klimentidis said.

Analyzing Data to Combat Disease

With more minds to analyze the existing mounds of data, countless futures can be positively affected. That’s why the research conducted by online MPH faculty like Dr. Klimentidis is funded by the nation’s biggest health organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration and the National Institutes of Health.

“UA’s MPH online addresses a trend in public health that emphasizes the growing importance of handling and using large amounts of data — which are increasingly available and widely shared — to answer unique and important research questions and apply new approaches,” Dr. Klimentidis said.