Leslie Dennis, Ph.D., MS

Dr. Dennis Helps Further Important Cancer Research

Cancer remains one of the greatest risks to public health, with more than 1.6 million new cases diagnosed in the U.S. every year. That’s why researchers like Dr. Leslie Dennis dedicate their studies to increasing people’s chances of surviving it.

Dr. Dennis served as a grant reviewer for the American Cancer Society for five years. Now she’s a professor for the University of Arizona’s online Master of Public Health program. On top of sharing her expertise with students, she remains active as a reviewer for cancer and epidemiological journals. Working on campus keeps her connected to a large volume of research efforts.

“Being around a variety of research and community outreach conducted in Tucson and the surrounding areas, including the U.S.-Mexico border, makes University of Arizona’s community distinct,” Dr. Dennis said.

Accurate Information Can Save Lives

“We need to get accurate information to the public,” Dr. Dennis said. “The damage that can be done by disseminating wrong information when one study makes the news is long-lasting. It can take a decade to correct public perception and help people understand the truth.” To do that, research must be presented correctly. That’s why helping master’s of public health online students prepare to become independent researchers is important.

Lasting Impact at the Local Level

In her online master’s of public health courses, Dr. Dennis works with students to help them synthesize knowledge, apply concepts and develop problem-solving skills. This leads more grads to recognize solutions and communicate them effectively. She says that while public health is a global issue, you shouldn’t overlook the local level.
“It is important to have more trained public health professionals working in county and local public health departments,” Dr. Dennis said.