Our world-class faculty bring research-based insights into the classroom, and inspire the innovative mindset needed to solve today’s real-world problems.


Leila Barraza

Where Does Law Fit Into Public Health?

The most important thing I have learned is that public health is intertwined with so many other disciplines,” Professor Barraza said. “We know from the social determinants of health that many factors impact health — education, affordable and safe housing, environment and income levels, among others. If we ignore these factors, we cannot truly improve population health.

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Dr. Yann Klimentidis

Online MPH Assistant Professor Yann Klimentidis Mines Information for Public Health Solutions

The more you know about a public health issue, the sooner you can solve it. In the age of information, Master of Public Health online assistant professor Dr. Yann Klimentidis sees data analysis as an underutilized element of undermining disease.

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Dr. Kenneth Schachter

Public Health Is a Fascinating and Diverse Field

Public health is a fascinating and diverse field with a growing body of scientific evidence. In addition to understanding the science, public health professionals will need strong advocacy and leadership skills if we are to continue making progress in building a healthier world.

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Christine Girard

Christine Girard Improves Public Health Through Increased Collaboration.

Like a disease with no visible symptoms, the key to improving public health is often overlooked: To save more lives, everyone must work together. That core belief has driven Master of Public Health online instructor Christine Girard’s 20-year career.

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Dr. Terry Urbine

Dr. Terry Urbine Helps Students Forecast Health Care’s Future

With a Ph.D. in Economics and an accomplished finance career, Dr. Terry Urbine now applies his mastery of free markets to mine data for medical discoveries. While his previous industry work was lucrative, he said it lacked a sense of purpose. That’s why he joined the University of Arizona in 2008 as an assistant research scientist focused on health outcomes.

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Dr. Leslie Dennis

Dr. Dennis Helps Further Important Cancer Research

Being around a variety of research and community outreach conducted in Tucson and the surrounding areas, including the U.S.-Mexico border, makes University of Arizona’s community distinct.

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Dr. Kacey Ernst

Dr. Kacey Ernst’s Work Inspires Graduates to Pursue Epidemiology

I am interested in learning more about the dynamics of vector-borne diseases and how environmental changes influence the transmission patterns,” Dr. Ernst said. “I then apply that knowledge to develop and evaluate community-based strategies that are aimed to be sustainable.

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