Why you want an MPH for a career in health services administration | Feb 03, 2017

Students interested in making the world a safer and healthier place to live can learn a lot from a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Arizona. The health services administration field enables people to manage the business side of healthcare, by leading a large number of employees and maintaining the fiscal aspect of various programs and facilities.

Choosing this public-health focus offers a wide variety of benefits to its practitioners. Here are some examples:

Job growth

Public health is an industry that continues to grow at an increasingly fast pace. A number of specialties within the field are expected to produce thousands of jobs in the coming years. For example, medical and health service management is predicted to grow 17 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a result, more workers will be needed – leading to a greater sense of job security. Public health will always be a relevant field, similar to medicine, requiring professionals across a variety of occupations to make the entire industry successful in its goals. Since health services administration encompasses fields such as accounting, human resources and marketing, employees will always be needed.

Some graduates may feel less stressed about their major of choice knowing that job prospects and overall security are expected to grow. These benefits can also improve the level of enjoyment professionals feel about their public health career.

Numerous career options

Health services administration is an expansive field. Those who earn their master’s degree have a wealth of career options to choose from, including the chance to become human resource managers, health insurance specialists, social and community service managers, training and development leaders, administrative service managers and more. As a result, employees can discover a job that fits their business savvy and will keep them engaged over the years. If managing projects, budgets and individuals are what students are looking for, health services administration is a strong direction to follow.

This public health field is not a one-track profession. Instead, people can essentially tailor their future by selecting a concentration within the industry that fits all of their career goals.

The betterment of society

The decisions of an individual can impact an entire community. This is a statement that can be difficult for the regular person to grasp, but it is one of the cornerstones of being a successful employee within the public health field. Professionals in health services administration work to close that gap and help people and policymakers understand the broader – and more business-specific – implications of care, according to U.S. News and World Report.

As a result of gaining better comprehension of what choices will create a stronger and healthier society, students of health services administration can offer data to inform policies or procedures within environments such as hospitals or larger healthcare systems. These professionals ensure employees at all levels are trained appropriately so patients receive strong care. Earning a Master of Public Health will allow employees to positively influence and improve not only their immediate patients but provide insight into actions that will affect people in the future.

The opportunity to serve

The desire to help others can inform people’s decisions, especially those that impact their future. For those students who enjoy finding new ways to deliver high-quality healthcare, a Master of Public Health allows them to pursue that passion in their own careers.

Professionals in the health services administration field complete work that benefits patients on both a small and large scale. Knowing their research, actions and policies are informing the health and wellness of this population can have a strong impact on those in public health. By combining their science and business acumen, these professionals can help patients develop healthier lifestyles and implement programs that will make a difference. This sentiment can make graduates’ will to continue this work even stronger, knowing their dedication is leading to positive change for the people they interact with on a daily basis.

Personal impact

People choose their careers for a number of reasons, whether it is a familial obligation, based on their own interests or otherwise. Selecting a public health profession enables employees to make a personal impact no matter what their final decision may be, especially for those who select health services administration.

For some employees, it is enough to work as a caregiver or assistant in the healthcare field. Others strive to oversee more of the managerial and long-term aspects of the career and often fill the positions held by those in health services. As a leader in this concentration, students are able to make a difference in the areas that need it most – usually the ones they operate within on a daily basis when providing care to a number of diverse patients.

Competitive salaries

As previously stated, entering the public health field provides employees with both job growth and security. To pair with these two important elements of the profession, those working in the health services administration concentration will have the opportunity to earn competitive salaries – many well above the national average.

These careers, especially those related to managerial roles, often require an advanced degree and continuous education in people’s chosen specialty, which costs more money up front. Once students earn their degree, however, they can begin searching for opportunities within the booming field. In 2015, medical and health service managers earned a median annual salary of $94,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This wage makes the profession that much more attractive to students looking to use their business savvy to make a real difference.

Fascinating work

Public health is an interesting industry, as many of its employees will share with those looking into the profession. The spectrum of important topics is constantly changing, enabling graduates with a Master of Public Health to properly analyze a variety of problems they can positively change. Health services administrators are able to juggle multiple areas of concern at once. The ability to devise one program, while studying the human and fiscal impact of another proves that multitasking is an important quality for these professionals to have.

Educating fellow managers as well as employees with tangible information and insight enables these professionals to devise and implement policies that will actually work. As the world of healthcare evolves, so, too, does the health services administration field. Leaders in this concentration have to be on their toes constantly so as to avoid overlooking a critical element that could have a major influence on the level of care patients receive. Employees may find greater satisfaction within this career – which could lead them to dedicate more time to the profession and people as a whole.

No background is off limits

Earning a Master of Public Health is an opportunity for people from various previous experiences to work together toward a common goal. Anyone can study to practice in this field, which makes future professionals more well-rounded when searching for jobs and making task-related decisions.

The diversity the public health industry offers enables employees with a background in education, research, administration, law, journalism and more to study within the concentration. This enables workers to add a more dynamic approach to their work. No background is off limits for a job in public health, which relies on different perspectives for the betterment of communities across the world.

Greater access to more advanced education

A Master of Public Health looks great on a person’s resume, no matter what the future holds. Not only can graduates expect to find work in the health services administration field in just about any location, but those looking to continue their education can use the degree to their advantage.

Professionals interested in attending business school, for example, may find the advanced coursework they tackle in their public health education to be extremely beneficial. Understanding the various human and fiscal elements that plague particular patients and the actions currently in practice in healthcare facilities, among other information, will help employees better serve and treat their patients.

Students hoping to pursue a career in health services administration have a lot to gain from earning a master’s degree in the field from the University of Arizona. Not only does this profession offer the ability to serve others and better both human interaction and overall policies and programs, but it also provides job security and competitive salaries well above the country’s average. Health services administration is a booming industry that will constantly require employees dedicated to the betterment of patient care, which allows its practitioners to make an impact on both present and future practice. Although students working within the industry often benefit from an advanced education, the advantages public-health employees gain from their jobs are often well worth the additional education.